Above the Lines-German Aces Of WW1: Franks/Bailey/Guest
A complete record of the fighter aces of the German Air Service, Naval Air Service and Flanders Marine Corps, 1914-1918. Outlines in exhaustive and comprehensive detail the biographies of the aces, place and date of birth, previous military experience, decorations and postwar career.
Grub Street 1993
Above the Trenches-Commonwealth Aces: Shores/Franks/Guest
A complete record of the fighter aces and units of the British Empire Air Forces 1915-1920. Over 800 Biographies of British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, South African and American fighter aces, and includes details of aerial combats of the fighter pilots, their squadron and type of plane flown. Also includes two-seater and gunner aces.
Grub Street 1990
Above the Warfronts - British 2-seater; Belgian, Italian, A-H; Russian Aces: Franks, Guest, Alegi
Biographies of the remaining aces not covered in the other books in this series.
Grub Street 1997
Aces and Aircraft of World War1: Christopher Campbell
Metheun Publications 1981
Ace of Aces: RenŽ Fonck
The autobiography of the top Allied fighter pilot of the World War 1 with 75 confirmed victories.
Doubleday 1967
Ace of the Iron Cross: Ernest Udet
Udet was one of the few German pilots to have fought in all years of the First World War and survive. In this highly readable autobiography he recounts the highlights of his career both before and after the war.
Arco Publishing 1981
Aerodrome Modeler: Journal (defunct)
Vol 1/1(partial), 3/6, 4/1, 4/2, 4/3, 4/4
Aeroplanes and Flyers of the First World War: Joseph Phelan
Grosset & Dunlap 1973
The Aeroplanes of the RFC (Military Wing): J M Bruce
Putnam Publications 1982
Air Aces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire: Dr Martin O'Connor
Biographies of all 49 of the aces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Many photos as well as colour profiles of their aircraft. The Reference of choice
Champlain Fighter Museum Press 1986
Air Command: Raymond Collishaw & Ronald Dodds
Collishaw flew Strutters with No.3 Wing, Triplanes with Naval Ten and then Camels with 3N/203. In the second half he commanded the Desert Air Force.
William Kimber & Sons 1973
Aircraft Archives: Aircraft of WW1 vol 1
Argus Books 1989 s/c
Aircraft Archives: Aircraft of WW1 vol 2
Argus Books 1989 s/c
Air of Battle: W/C William Fry
The author's vivid memoirs as a fighter pilot on the Western Front from 1915 to 1918. He served in 60 Sqn as Bishop's deputy Flight Commander before going to 23 and 79 Sqns to command flights of his own.
William Kimber 1974
Airplanes of World War1 Coloring Book: Carlo Demand
Dover Publications 1979
The Airship VC :Raymond L Rimell
Very readable biography on William Leefe-Robinson.
Aston Publications 1989
Die Albatros(OEF)-Jagdflugzeuge der KuK Luftfahrtruppen:Schiemer
A complete record of the Austrian Albatros D.III(OEF). includes a listing of each aircraft built along with its service history.
H Weishaupt Verlag 1984 German text
Albatros D.Va-German Fighter of WW1: Robert C Mikesh
Smithsonian Institute Press 1988 s/c
Albatros Fighters in Action: John F Connors
Squadron/Signal Publications 1981 s/c Aircraft #46
Albatros Scouts Described: Charles Schaedel
Kookaburra Technical Publications 1971 s/c
Albert Ball VC: Chaz Bowyer
Bridge Books 1994
An Airfighter's Scrapbook: Ira Jones
Greenhill Books 1990 s/c
An Airman's Outting: `Contact' (Alan Bott)
Flew 1 1/2 Strutters on the Western front.
William Blackwood & Sons 1917
An Airman Remembers: Hans Schroder
John Hamilton 1936
Australian Flying Corps 1914-1919: Charles Schaedel
Kookaburra Technical Publications 1972
Austro-Hungarian Army Aircraft of WW1: Grosz/Haddow/Schiemer
Flying Machine Press 1993
Barker VC: Wayne Ralph
A long overdue biography on the most decorated soldier in Canadian history - W G Barker
Doubleday 1997
BE2 In Action: Peter Cooksley
Squadron/Signal Publications 1992 s/c Aircraft #123
`Billy' Bishop-Canadian Hero: Dan McCaffrey
A very poor bio of Bishop which does nothing to prove or disprove the various controveries that comprise the myth of the man.
Lorimar & Co 1988
`Billy' Bishop- the Man and the Aircraft He Flew: David Baker
Outline Press 1990 s/c
Bomber Pilot 1916-1918: C P O Bartlett
Flew 1 1/2 Strutters, Short Bombers and DH4s with No.5 Sqn RNAS and No.205 Sqn RAF. Re-released as "In the teeth of the Wind"
Ian Allan 1974
Brief Glory- the Life of Arthur Rhys-Davids: Alex Revell
A detailed biography of one of the great unsung aces of the RFC in the Great War. From May through October 1917 Rhys-Davids shot down 27 German planes including Werner Voss.
William Kimber 1984
Bristol F2b Fighter-KIng of Two Seaters: Chaz Bowyer
Ian Allan 1985
Bristol Fighter: J M Bruce
Arms & Armour Press 1985 s/c Vintage Warbirds 4
Bristol Fighter in Action: Peter Cooksley
Squadron/Signal Publications 1993 s/c Aircraft #137
British Aviation Squadron Markings of World War One: Les Rogers (illustrations by me)
Massive collection of hundreds of photos and descriptions of unit markings worn by British aircraft. I did 150 illustrations for this one
Schiffer 2001
The Camel File: Ray Sturtivant/ Gordon Page
Anyone doing research on the Camel can't go wrong starting here
Air-Britain 1993
Canadian Airmen and the First World War: S F Wise (ed)
'THE' book on Canadian airmen from training to service in all theatres of WW1. Very useful when I wrote my article on No.3 Wing RNAS for OTF 13/4.
University of Toronto 1981
Canada's Fighting Airmen: Lt Col George E Drew
The book that introduced many to the exploits of Canada's airmen in WW1. Many of the various myths about them can be found starting here
MacLean Publishing 1931
Captain Albert Ball VC DSO: R H Kiernan
Aviation Bookclub 1939
Color Profiles Of WW1 Combat Planes: Apostolo/Begnozzi
Many years ago this was 1/2 of my WW1 aviation library and for the time it was good. The multi-view profiles are beautiful, however the side-view ones are more than a little suspect now.
Crescent Books 1974
Combat Report: Bill Lambert
Autobiography of the second highest American ace of WW1. Lambert flew with No.24 Sqn RAF
Corgi Books 1975 s/c
The Courage of the Early Morning: William Arthur Bishop
Biography of Bishop by his son. A great read.
McClelland & Stewart 1965
Cross And Cockade (GB & Int): Quarterly Journal
Vol 1/1 to Present (35) less Vols 6, 8 & 31
Darkness Shall Cover Me: Humphrey Wynn
Airlife Publishing Ltd Novel
Days On The Wing: Willy Coppens
Autobiography of the top scoring Belgian ace. Events turned Coppens into a very bitter man, which shows through in this volume.
Aviation Bookclub 1939
The Diary Of A PBO: Frank J Shrive
Based on his father's diary telling of his time flying in Russia in 1918-1919.
Boston Mills Press 1981
DeHavilland Aircraft of World War One: J M Bruce
Overviews of all DH designs in WW1
Arms & Armour Press 1991
deHavilland DH2 In Action: Peter Cooksley
Squadron/Signal Publications 1998 s/c
deHavillland DH-4:From Flaming Coffin To Living Legend: W J Boyne
The history of the American DH4. And the restoraton of the very first one by the NASM
Smithsonian Institute Press 198? s/c
deHavilland DH9 In Action: Peter Cooksley
Squadron/Signal Publications 1998 s/c
Double-Decker C.666: Haupt Heydemarck
John Hamilton 193x
The Early Birds of War -Daring Pilots and Aeroplanes of WW1: T R Funderbunk
Grosset & Dunlap Publishers 1968
A Falcon For The Hawks: Clive Egleton
Book Club Associates 1982 novel
Falcons Of France: Nordhoff/Hall
Little, Brown & Co 1932 novel
Fall Of An Eagle-Life Of Ernest Udet: Armand van Ishoven
William Kimber 1977
Fighter Pilot: `McScotch' ( William MacLanachan)
Cedric Chivers Ltd/New Portway 1972
Fighter Pilot On The Western Front: W/C E D Crundall DFC AFC
One of my favourite books. Crundall flew Triplanes and Camels with Naval Eight and Naval Ten. Useful in my profiles for each unit.
William Kimber 1975
Fighting Airman-The Way Of The Eagle: Maj C J Biddle
Doubleday 1968
Fighting the Flying Circus: Capt E V Rickenbacker
Doubleday 1965
The Fighting Triplanes: Evan Hadingham
A comprehensive study of the Triplane, from its pre-war conception, its brief but spectacular period of fame in 1917-1918 and its rapid demise.
Hamish Hamilton 1968
The First War in the Air – By a Fighter Pilot: A G D Alderson
Alderson flew Camels with No.3 Sqn RFC for a very short time before being shot down and taken PoW
A G D Alderson 1990 s/c
The Fledgling: Arch Whitehouse
Whitehouse's autobiography. Very readable - however some liberties with the truth have been taken.
Nicholas Vane 1964
Fliegertruppe 1914-1918 Nr.1: A E Ferko
A E Ferko 1980 s/c
Fliegertruppe 1914-1918 Nr.2: A E Ferko
A E Ferko 1980 s/c
Flight Of Eagles: Karolevitz/Fenn
Americans flying for Poland against the Soviets in the immediate postwar period.
Brevet Press 1974
Flight Into Hell: Edwin C Parsons
John Long Ltd 1938
Flying Fury: Maj J T B McCudden
One of the truly great autobiographies of any WW1 airman.
John Hamilton Ltd 1933
Great War Aircraft in Profile:
Flying Machines Press s/c
#1 Sikorsky S-16: Vadim Mikheyev 1997
#2 Brandenburg D.I: K Meindl, W Schroeder 1997
#3 Salmson Aircraft of World War I: Owers, Guttman & Davilla
#4 Pfalz Aircraft of World War I: Jack Herris (Illustrations by Alan Durkota and me), 2001
I'm biased, but this has the best photo and profile coverage of the Pfalz fighters anywhere. I did around 50 illustrations for this one.
Flying Minnows: `Roger Vee' (Vivian Voss)
Flew Bristol F2bs with 48 and 88 Sqns.
Arms & Armour Press 1977
French Aircraft of the First World War: Davilla, Sultana
Despite the occasional error, this is the best English language source around for information on French aircraft of WWI.
Flying Machines Press 1997
Fokker Dr.1 In Action: Heinz J Nowarra
Great photos, the text and captions are best left ignored.
Squadron/Signal Publications 1989 s/c Aircraft #98
The Fokker Dr.1 and D.VII in World War 1:H J Nowarra
Schiffer Military History 1991 s/c
Fokker Eindecker in Action: D Edgar Brannon
Squadron/Signal Publications 1996 s/c Aircraft #158
The Fokker Triplane: Alex Imrie
This volume is everything that the In Action volume is not. For those interested in the Dr.I, this is the book for you
Arms & Armour Press 1992
The Friendless Sky: Alexander McKee
Morley Books 1973
Gentleman Air Ace: Duncan Bell-Irving Story: Elizabeth O'Kiely
A very readable biography on one of the first Canadian aces by his daughter.
Harbour Publishing 1992
German Aircraft Of The First World War: Gray/Thetford
A great encyclopedia of pretty well every German aircraft type in WWI. Brief notes, a photograph or two and a small GA drawing are included for most entries.
Putnam & Co 1987
The German Army Air Service In WW1: Raymond L Rimell
Numerous photos with captions as the only text.
Arms & Armour Press 1987 s/c Vintage Warbirds 2
German Warbirds: `Vigilant'
Biographies on various German pilots.
John Hamilton 1933
Germany's First Air Force 1914-1918: Peter Kilduff
Motorbooks International 1991
Germany's Last Knight of the Air: Maj Carl Degelow
William Kimber 1979
The Great War in the Air: John H Morrow Jr
Smithsonian Institute Press 1993
Guynemer-Knight of the Air: Henry Bordeaux
Yale University Press 1918
Handley Page Bombers of the First World War: Chaz Bowyer
Aston 1992
Hawker, A Biography of Harry Hawker:ĘL K Blackmore
Airlife 1993
Heroes Of The Sunlit Sky: Arch Whitehouse
Bios of around 50 or so airmen from all nations.
Doubleday 1967
High Adventure: A H Cobby DSO DFC**
Cobby's story of flying Camels with No.4 Sqn AFC
Kookaburra 1981
High in the Empty Blue: Alex Revell
The history of No 56 Sqn RFC/RAF 1916-1919. Includes many appendices on everything from attached personnel to aircraft serials and markings.
Flying Machine Press 1995
Igor Sikorsky-the Russian Years: Finne
The story of Sikorsky and the creation and use of the Il'ya Mouromets.
Smithsonian Institution Press
Illustrated History of WW1 in the Air: Stanley Ulanoff
Arco Publishing 1972
The Imperial Russian Air Service-Famous Pilots and Aircraft: Durkota et'al
Another of the massive FMP tomes. Same recommendation applies to this one.
Flying Machines Press 1995
In the Company of Eagles: Ernest K Gann
Simon & Schuster 1966 novel
Into the Blue: W/C Norman MacMillan OBE MC AFC
MacMIllian flew Strutters and Camels with No.45 squadron until damaging his eyes in a freak accident.
Jarrolds 1973
The Jasta Pilots: Franks, Bailey, Duiven
Brief bios of all known German pilots between August 1916 and November 1918
Grub Street 1998
King of Air Fighters: Ira Jones
Jone's biography on Mick Mannock
Greenhill Books 1989
Knights of the Air-Canadian Aces Of WW1: J N Harris
MacMillan 1958
Die KuK Luftschifer und Fligertruppe …sterreich-Ungangs: Peter
History of Austro-Hungarian military aviation.
Motorbuch Verlag 1981 German text
Let's Go Where The Action Is - Douglas Campbell: Jack R Eder (ed)
JaaRE Publishing 1984 (signed)
The Mad Major: Maj Christopher Draper DSC
Autobiography of the former OC of Naval Eight
Air Review Ltd 1962
Manfred von Richthofen-The Man And Aircraft He Flew: David Baker
Outline Press 1990 s/c
Mannock-Patrol Leader Supreme: Douglass Whetton
Ajay Enterprises 1977 s/c
Max Immelmann- Eagle Of Lille: Franz Immelmann
John Hamilton 1933
Military Aircraft Of Australia 1909-1918: Keith Isaacs
Australian War Memorial 1971
Naval Eight-A Classic Memoir Of A WW1 Fighter Sqn: Johnstone (ed)
Reminiscences of ex-Naval Eight members
Arms & Armour Press 1972
Nieuport Aircraft Of WW1: J M Bruce
Arms & Armour Press 1988 s/c Vintage Warbirds 10
Night Raiders of the Air: A R Kingsford
Greenhill Books 1988
No Parachute: A Fighter Pilot in WW1: Arthur Gould Lee
The Adventurers Club 1969
Offensive Patrol: W/C Norman MacMillan OBE MC AFC
Story of the RFC/RNAS and RAF in Italy 1917-1918
Jarrolds 1973
Outwitting the Hun: Lt Pat O'Brien
Harper & Brothers 1918
Over the Front: League of First World War Aviation Historians
Vol 1/1 to 18/4 s/c Quarterly Journal. Since 12/1 has had my work on the rear cover.
Over the Front-US & French Aces Of WW1: Franks/Bailey
Mini-bios of all US and French aces.
Grub Street 1992
Pfalz-First Detailed Story of the Co & its Planes: Grosz/Kruger
A small booklet on Pfalz.
WW1 Aero Publishers Inc 1964 s/c
Pictorial History of the German Army Air Service 1914-18: Imrie
The first half of the book is devoted to a history of the German Air Service, the remainder is well captioned photographs
Ian Allan 1971
Profile Publications:
Profile Publications Ltd s/c
#1 SE5a: J M Bruce 1971 Blue
#5 Vickers F.B.27 Vimy: J M Bruce 1965
#9 Albatros D.V: Peter Gray 1965
#13 Sopwith Pup: J M Bruce 1965
#17 SPAD XIII C.1: C F Andrews 1971 Blue
#21 Bristol F2b Fighter: J M Bruce 1971 Blue
#25 Fokker D.VII:
#31 Sopwith F.1 Camel:
J M Bruce 1965
#38 Fokker Monoplanes: J M Bruce 1965
#43 Pfalz D.III: Peter L Gray 1965
#49 Nieuport 17: C F Andrews 1971 Blue
#50 Sopwith 7F.1 Snipe: J M Bruce 1965
#55 Fokker Dr.I: J M Bruce 1965
#61 Ansaldo SVA Scouts: Gianni Cattaneo 1966
#62 deHavillland DH 9: J M Bruce 1965
#67 Fokker D.VIII: J M Bruce 1966
#68 Thomas Morse Scouts: Frank Strnad 1966
#73 Sopwith Triplane: J M Bruce 1966
#74 Short 184: J M Bruce 1966
#79 Nieuport N.28C-1: Peter M Bowers 1966
#85 RE8: J M Bruce 1966
#86 Siemens-Schuckert D.III/IV: Peter L Gray 1966
#97 American DH4: Peter M Bowers 1966
#103 SE5: J M Bruce 1966
#109 Hanriot HD.1: J M Bruce 1966
#115 Gotha G.I-G.V: Peter M Grosz 1966
#121 Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter: J M Bruce 1966
#127 Albatros D.I-D.III: Peter L Gray 1966
#133 BE2, 2a, 2b: J M Bruce 1966
#139 Bristol Scout: J M Bruce 1967
#145 deHavilland DH 10: J M Bruce 1967
#151 O. Aviatik (Berg)D.I: George Haddow 1967
#157 Breguet Br14: J M Bruce/Jean Noel 1967
#163 Roland C.II: Peter M Grosz 1967
#169 Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin: J M Bruce 1967
#175 Phšnix Scouts: George Haddow 1967
#181 deHavilland DH5: J M Bruce 1967
#187 Junkers Monoplanes: Hugh W Cowin 1967
#193 Bristol M1a-d: J M Bruce 1967
#199 Pfalz D.XII: Peter M Grosz 1967
#200 Martinsyde Elephant: J M Bruce 1967
#237 Bristol F2b 1918-1932: Chaz Bowyer 1972 Blue
#248 deHavilland DH9a:
Pure Luck-Authorized Bio of Sir Thomas Sopwith: Alan Bramson
Patrick Stephens Ltd 1990
R.A. Little RN: T B A Graves
Brief bio of Little, followed by copies of his combat reports.
MvR Publications 1988 s/c
Recollections of an Airman: L A Strange
Greenhill Books 1989
The Red Knight Of Germany: Floyd Gibbons
Garden City Publishing 1932
Richthofen-Beyond the Legend of the Red Baron: Peter Kilduff
John Wiley & Sons Inc 1993
Richthofen-True Story of the Red Baron: William Burrows
Harcourt, Brace & World 1969
The Royal Flying Corps-A History: Geoffrey Norris
Frederick Muller Ltd 1965
The Royal Flying Corps In WW1: Raymond I Rimell
Arms & Armour Press 1985 s/c Vintage Warbirds 1
Royal Navy Aircraft Serials and Units 1911-19: Sturtivant/Page
One of the most useful books in my library. Gives a brief history of every known RNAS aircraft. Many great photos as well.
Air-Britain 1992
Royal Navy Shipboard Aircraft Developements 1912-1931: Dick Cronin
Another great book from Air-Britain. Describes early efforts at carrying aircraft on ships, from seaplanes to flying off platforms
Air Britain 1990
Sagittarius Rising: Cecil A Lewis
Stackpole/Giniger Books 1963
Sailor in the Air: Richard Bell Davies VC
Autobiography of the No.2 man at No.3 Wing RNAS
Peter Davies 1967
Samoloty Wojskowe W Polsce 1918-1924: Andrzej Morgala
Numerous photos and GA drawings of all the aircraft types flown by the Poles in the post-WW1 period. Although written in Polish, the photos and tables more than make up for my lack of total comprehension.
Dom Wydawniczy Bellona 1997
The SE5 File: Sturtivant/Page
On par with the Camel File for usefulness. An added bonus is a section of colour plates showing markings of various SE5s.
Air-Britain 1996
SE5a In Action: John F Connors
Squadron/Signal Publications 1985 s/c Aircraft #69
The Sky Their Battlefield: Trevor Henshaw
This has proven to be a most useful aid to cross-referencing aircrew and aircraft. The complete title is "Air Fighting and the Complete List of Allied Air Casualties From Enemy Action in the First World War - British, Commonwealth and United States Air Services 1914 to 1918", and it pretty well sums up the contents. If you know the aircraft's serial number, or the airman's name, you can find the particulars of the combat in which they were involved. It enabled me to pair up many downed aircraft, to who was flying it on that day, and also their fate. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Grub Street 1995
Sopwith Aircraft 1912-20: H F King
Putnam & Co 1980
Sopwith Camel-King Of Combat: Chaz Bowyer
Great history of the Camel.
Aston Publications 1988
Sopwith Fighters In Action: Peter Cooksley
Squadron/Signal Publications 1991 s/c Aircraft #110
SPAD Fighters In Action: John F Connors
Squadron/Signal Publications 1989 s/c Aircraft #93
25+ years ago I knew *everything* there was to know about SPADs from this volume. The profiles have since been superceded.
Arco Publishing 1969 s/c Arco-Aircam 9
The Spider Web: T D Hallam
Flew flying boats over the North Sea.
Arms & Armour Press 1979
They Fought For The Sky: Quentin Reynolds
Rinehart & Co 1957
Unsung Hero-Combat Diary Of Raymond Collishaw: T B A Graves
Biography and combat reports of Raymond Collishaw.
MvR Publications 1988 s/c
Victoria Cross-WW1 Airmen and Their Aircraft: Alex Revell (illustrated by me)
Biographies of all 19 VC winners. I provided illustrations of all their aircraft.
Flying Machines Press 1997 s/c
Warbirds-Diary Of An Unknown Aviator: E W Springs
George H Dorian 1926 1st edition
Warplanes And Airbattles Of WW1: B Fitzsimmons (ed)
My favourite WW1 aviation book prior to starting on my own research. It has excerpts from various autobiographies as well as overviews of the various functions performed by those involved.
Windsock Datafiles: Raymond Rimell (ed)
Albatros Productions Ltd S/C
#1 Albatros D.III: Raymond L Rimell 1995 (reprint)
#2 Sopwith Pup: J M Bruce 1986
#3 Albatros D.V: Raymond L Rimell 1987
#4 Bristol F2b: J M Bruce 1987
#5 Fokker Dr.I: Raymond L Rimell 1987
#6 Sopwith 2F1 Camel: J M Bruce 1987
#7 Pfalz D.III: Raymond L Rimell/Peter M Grosz 1988
#8 SPAD S.VII: J M Bruce 1988
#9 Fokker D.VII: Peter M Grosz 1989
#10 RAF SE5a: J M Bruce 1989
#11 Albatros D.II: Raymond L Rimell 1988
#12 Hanriot HD-1: J M Bruce/Raymond L Rimell 1988
#13 Albatros C.III: Peter M Grosz 1989
#14 RAF BE2e: J M Bruce 1989
#15 Fokker E.III: Peter M Grosz 1989
#16 Morane Type L: J M Bruce 1989
#17 LVG C.VI: Peter M Grosz 1989
#18 RAF FE2b: J M Bruce 1989
#19 Albatros D.III(OEF): Peter M Grosz 1990
#20 Nieuport 17: J M Bruce 1990
#21 Pfalz D.IIIa: Peter M Grosz 1990
#22 Sopwith Triplane: J M Bruce 1990
#23 Hannover CL.III: Peter M Grosz 1990
#24 RAF RE8: J M Bruce 1990
#25 Fokker D.VIII: Peter M Grosz 1991
#26 Sopwith F1 Camel: J M Bruce 1991
#27 Halberstadt CL.II: Peter M Grosz 1991
#28 Avro 504k: J M Bruce 1991
#29 Siemens-Schuckert D.III/IV: Peter M Grosz 1991
#30 RAF SE5: J M Bruce 1991
#31 Phšnix D.I: Peter M Grosz 1992
#32 SPAD S.XIII: J M Bruce 1992
#33 Junkers D.I: Peter M Grosz 1992
#34 Sopwith LCT (1 1/2 Strutter): J M Bruce 1992
#35 Rumpler C.IV: Peter M Grosz 1992
#36 Nieuport 28: Jon Guttman 1992
#37 LFG Roland D.VI: Peter M Grosz 1993
#38 Airco DH10: J M Bruce 1993
#39 Junkers J.I: Peter M Grosz 1993
#40 Ansaldo SVA 5: Gregory Alegi 1993
#41 Pfalz D.XII: Peter M Grosz 1993
#42 RAF BE2c: J M Bruce 1993
#43 Halberstadt CL.IV: Peter M Grosz 1994
#44 Bristol Scouts: J M Bruce 1994
#45 Aviatik D.I: Peter M Grosz 1994
#46 Sopwith Snipe: J M Bruce 1994
#47 LFG Roland D.II: P M Grosz 1994
#48 Airco DH2: Barry J Gray 1994
#49 LFG Roland C.II: P M Grosz 1995
#50 Airco DH5: J M Bruce 1995
#51 AEG G.IV: P M Grosz 1995
#52 Bristol M.1: J M Bruce 1995
#53 DFW C.V: P M Grosz 1995
#54 Sopwith Dolphin: J M Bruce 1995
#55 Brandenburg W.29: P M Grosz 1996
#56 Vickers FB5: J M Bruce 1996
#57 Albatros C.I: P M Grosz 1996
#58 Morane-Saulnier Type N, I, V: J M Bruce 1996
#59 Pfalz E.I - E.IV: P M Grosz 1996
#60 Sopwith Baby: J M Bruce 1996
#61 Brandenburg W.12: P M Grosz 1997
#62 RAF RE5/RE7: J M Bruce 1997
#63 Aviatik C.I: P M Grosz 1997
#64 Armstrong-Whitworth FK8: J M Bruce 1997
#65 Friedrichshafen G.III-G.IIIa: P M Grosz 1997
#66 RAF BE12/a/b: J M Bruce 1997
#67 AEG C.IV: P M Grosz 1998
#68 Nieuport 10/12: J M Bruce 1998
#69 Halberstadt C.V: P M Grosz 1998
#70 Martinsyde Elephant: J M Bruce 1998
#71 LVG C.V: P M Grosz 1998
#72 DH9: J M Bruce 1998
#73 FF33E: P M Grosz 1999
#74 RAF FE8: J M Bruce 1999
#75 AGO C.I: P M Grosz 1999
#76 Martinsyde Buzzard: J M Bruce 1999
#77 Albatros C.VII: P M Grosz 1999
#78 Caproni Ca.3: Gregory Alegi 1999
#79 Rumpler C.I: P M Grosz 2000
#80 Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter v.2: J M Bruce 2000
#81 Albatros C.V: P M Grosz 2000
#82 Felixstowe F2A: J M Bruce 2000
#83 Gotha G.I: P M Grosz 2000
#84 Fokker D.VI: P M Grosz 2000
#85 Short 184: J M Bruce 2001
#86 Macchi M.5: Gregory Alegi 2001
#87 Albatros B.I: P M Grosz 2001
#88 Ansaldo A.1 Balilla: Gregory Alegi 2001
#89 SSW R.I: P M Grosz: 2001
#90 Sopwith B.1 & T.1 Cuckoo: J M Bruce 2001
#91 Fokker E.I/II: P M Grosz 2002
#92 Hanriot HD.1/HD.2: Gregory Alegi 2002
#93 Albatros B.II: P M Grosz 2002
#94 Caudron G.3:
Jon Guttman 2002
#95 Staaken R.VI: P M Grosz 2002
#96 Caudron G.4: Jon Guttman 2002
#97 Nieuport 29: Gregory Alegi (illustrations by me) 2003
#98 LVG B.I: P M Grosz (illustrations by me) 2003
#99 Lohner T1/Macchi L1: Gregory Alegi (illustrations by me) 2003
#100 Albatros D.I/II: P M Grosz (illustrations by me) 2003
#101 American DH4: Jon Guttman (illustrations by me) 2003
#102 Aviatik B types: P M Grosz (illustrations by me) 2003
#104 Taube at War: P M Grosz (illustrations by me) 2004
#105 SIA 7B: Gregory Alegi (illustrations by me) 2004
#106 LVG C.II: P M Grosz (illustrations by me) 2004
#107 Pfalz D.III: P M Grosz (illustrations by me) 2004
#108 Bleriot XI at War: Gregory Alegi (illustrations by me) 2004
#109 Salmson 2A2: Jon Guttman 2005
#110 Hansa-Brandenburg C.I: P M Grosz 2005
#111 Caproni Ca.4: Gregory Alegi (illustrations by me) 2005
#112 LVG C.IV: P M Grosz (illustrations by me) 2005
#113 SAML S.2: Gregory Alegi (illustrations by me) 2005
#114 Albatros C.X: P M Grosz (illustrations by me) 2005
#115 Bristol Fighter: L A Rogers (illustrations by me) 2006
#116 Handley Page 0/400 v.1: C A Owers (illustrations by me) 2006
Windsock Mini Datafiles: Raymond Rimell (ed)
#1 Albatros W.4: P M Grosz 1995
#2 PKZ 2: PM Grosz 1995
#3 Lewis Guns: Harry Woodman 1995
#4 SPAD A2/4: J M Bruce 1996
#5 Morane-Saulnier AI: J M Bruce 1996
#6 Vickers Guns: Harry Woodman 1996
#8 Martin Kitten: Jon Guttman 1996
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