Here are links to various sites that have corvette related material. Please send along any others that you may know of


HMS BRYONY Ron Horabin has scratchbuilt HMS Bryony in 1/24 scale!!! He (and his son) have also put together a book on Bryony which I recommend to anyone interested in Flowers.

HMCS DUNDAS Bob Irvine has put together a site covering his current project, HMCS Dundas. In addition to a history of Dundas, there is also a listing of all RCN corvettes.

HMS HOLLYHOCK  Jonathan Wickett's tribute to his uncle Jack and the ships he served on.

HMS JASMINE A Site devoted to HMS Jasmine written at the time by an unknown hand.

HMS PENNYWORT not much yet, but let's hope it grows.

HMCS SACKVILLE Sackville's own site

HMCS SACKVILLE a virtual tour of Sackville, with various animations

HMCS SACKVILLE A photographic tour of Sackville by Ian MacCorquodale

HMCS SACKVILLE Another tour by Ian MacCorquodale with many interior details shown this time around

HMS VIOLET A Site devoted to HMS Violet

HMS WALLFLOWER Shirley Fielden's tribute to the ship her father served on

HMCS WETASKIWIN A photo showing Wetaskiwin in roughly the period I am building my model

USCG FLOWER CLASS CORVETTES Flowers used by the USCG. Some very interesting photos here.

BELGIAN FLOWERS Johnny Geldhof's site about the ships crewed by the free Belgians, including two corvettes - Godetia and Buttercup. Lots of Photos.


MAC'S NAVAL PHOTOGRAPHY Ian MacCorquodale's own site also contains photos of HMCS Sackville today

NAVAL MUSEUM OF MANITOBA They have a link to photo pages of most of the RCN Corvettes.

RCN FLOWER CLASS CORVETTES A listing of all the RCN Flowers

A NAVAL OFFICER'S WAR this is the autobiography of the captain of HMCS Pictou, Tony Griffin, and is a very good read. It is in eight parts, so just substitute ep2-8 where it says ep1 above for the other parts. I pasted it into Word and at 9pt it is 32 pages long.

OAKVILLE AND U-94 The story of HMCS Oakville's sinking of U-94 as told by Hal Lawrence in 'A Bloody War", there is also David Robbin's conversion of the Revell kit to HMCS Fredericton.

THE CRUEL SEA a site about the making of the movie

FLOWER CLASS CORVETTE ASSOCIATION Website for the UK based FCCA, membership is open to those who served on, or swho had family who served on Flowers

WHEELHOUSE A really cool animation of the interior of Sackville's wheelhouse. Very useful in developing my model

COMPASSHOUSE IN RETIREMENT An intriguing photo showing the current state of the compass house off an RCN corvette. I sure wish we knew which one it was.

FLOWER CLASS FORUMS A site that has forums on various aspects of corvettes and their crews.


WHITE ENSIGN MODELS Manufacturers of 1/700 HMS Buttercup and Bluebell, as well as many other models of Royal Navy ships. They also have an extensive line of Photo-etch for same. In addition they sell second-hand kits and books, plus the new line of Colourcoat paints.

L'ARSENAL offers two different 1/400 Flower kits. Both offer wide scope for conversion. I have a dozen of them in various states of construction – none to done :-)

WARSHIPBOOKS.COM Specialists in books on the Royal Canadian Navy. In stock are the AOTS: Agassiz (going fast), John Lambert's book as well as others.

GREAT LITTLE SHIPS DJParkins' line of aftermarket kits for the Revell Flower. If you use all of his sets it will set you back a small fortune, but you will have the best model possible – and for the time spent it would be worth it. Most components are done in brass, although some resin is included.

SANDLE HOBBIES Carry many of the lines mentioned here.

SIRMAR Offers a range of aftermarket accessories for the 1/72 Flower. Not as detailed as GLS, they are better than the kit items and are an excellent choice for those choosing to make a working model.

HAWK GRAPHICS Darren Scannell's line of 1/72 and 1/96 scale flags

FITTINGS Mike Kear's line of TF72 1/72 details. I haven't seen any of these so have no idea as to their quality. Link has been dead the last couple of times I've tried it.

JOHN LAMBERT PLANS John offers drawings of numerous Flowers, Castles, weapons and lots else

ROSEMONT HOBBYSHOP my favourite North American online hobbyshop. I got most of my Evergreen styrene for the scratchbuilt items from Barry Stettler.

CANADIAN NAVY PRINTS Pat Burstall's site containing her paintings of RCN ships, including a nice gallery of those lost to enemy action

ABEBOOKS.COM is my site of choice to find OOP books. I got many of my corvette books through them

PAPER-LAB PRODUCTS Darius Lipinski produces a line of paper models .. his most recent being of HMCS Agassiz. Check the rest of his site for other items of interest.

LOYALHANNA DOCKYARD specialize in importing model boat kits, hulls, fittings, flags and more from around the world. They are US agents for Sirmar, Great Little Ships, Colourcoat paints and BECC flags.

NAVAL BASE HOBBIES "The Store for The Model Ship Builder"

BECC MODEL FLAGS. Ron Hillsden is the North American retailor of this line of cloth flags in various scales



HMS BLUEBELL John Bruce's 1/72 model

HMS CLEMATIS Joseph Neumeyer's inspired diorama entitled "Duel at Sea" features the Revell kit vs the Revell-Germany S-Boat.

HMS GODETIA Patrick Spitaels' 1/72 model done up as a Belgian-manned corvette mounted on a sea base.

HMCS ROSTHERN A German site with scans of the original Matchbox colour profiles .. useful for those wanting to build the Bluebell. The flag sheet is included at various resolutions for those wanting to proint out their own flags. There is also an extensive LINKS section

HMCS SHEDIAC Ron Hillsden has provided instructions on radio-controlling the Matchbox/Revell kit. I have seen his model up close and it is quite well thought out.

HMCS SNOWBERRY Glenn Male's radio controlled 1/72 model. Includes shots of it 'at sea'.

HMCS SNOWBERRY Ted Taylor's OOB build showing what can be done with the basic kit

HMCS SNOWBERRY John Dutton's Revell kit

HMCS SNOWBERRY Tom Van Dermark's OOB build

HMCS SNOWBERRY Thomas Kremmer's OOB build for R/C

HMCS SUDBURY a conversion of the kit into the postwar deep sea tug SUDBURY. Hopefully a more indepth feature on this model is in the works

RCing THE REVELL FLOWER Colin Webb's article on building the Revell Flower. This one is still a work in progress

LOUIS ELSKAMP has a model on the site. I'll have to check it again to see which ship he did his as

AQUARIUM CORVETTE an interesting use for the 1/72 kit


HMCS BRANTFORD a 1/96 scale model

HMS MONKSHOOD Eddie's model

HMS PRIMULA Andy Egan's model

1/48 SHORT FOCSLE CORVETTE Ray Lee's model, still being detailed

HM DOCKYARD Mitsuaki Kubota's website devoted to models of Commonwealth ships. The site also features Chris Preston's photos of HMCS Sackville as she is today.


INTERNET MODELER I had to mention the premier online model magazine

SHIP MODEL MAILING LIST devoted to .. you guessed it .. ship models and naval/maritime history

FLAGS an interesting web site that has graphics of all sorts of flags, including signal flags, for those who might want to replace kit ones with home made ink jet flags.