The Boeing 737-500

By Chris Banyai-Riepl

The Boeing 737 is easily the most successful jet airliner out there, with well over 3000 in service. The original CFM-engined 737 family consisted of three planes, the 737-300, the 737-400 and the 737-500. All of these were basically the same plane with different fuselage lengths and thus different capacities. The 737-500 was the shortest of the three and was designed as a replacement for the older and noisier 737-200. This version found service with dozens of airlines and is still flying all over the world today.

B737-5Y0, DQ-FJB
Air Pacific 'Island of Taneuvi'
MSN 26067, L/N 2304, Delivered 6/11/92

Now flying with Nordeste Linhas Aéreas with the registration of PT-MNH, this plane is shown in the rather striking livery of Air Pacific. This livery underwent a few changes in its history, with the original fuselage titles being simple block letters. After this iteration the tail logo changed as well, giving this plane three different arrangements in its short life with Air Pacific.

B737-5L9, OY-APH
Maersk Air
MSN 28721, L/N 2856, Delivered 2/24/97

Maersk has operated several types of 737s, including the 737-500. Their overall blue scheme with the dark blue cheatline is distinctive and easily recognized. Maersk also flies aircraft in other airline's liveries as required, and these often only carry a small Maersk Air logo on the fuselage.

737-5Q8, G-BVZH
BMI (British Midland)
MSN 25166, L/N 2129, Delivered 9/30/91

Formerly registered SE-DNG and flown by Linjeflyg, this plane now flies with British Midland in their new livery. A considerable change from their earlier, more sedate livery, this new scheme is quite striking with a metallic blue 'bmi' on the fuselage and a stylized Union Jack on the tail.

737-5K5, HA-LER
Malev Hungarian Airlines
MSN 24926, L/N 1966, Delivered 12/15/90

Another plane flown by more than one airline, this plane originally was delivered to Hapag Lloyd and registered D-AHLD. Malev has a growing fleet of 737s and is ordering some new generation 737s as well. The Hungarian national colors are on the tail and one thing that makes this livery unique is the blue radome.

737-55S, OK-XGE
CSA Czech Airlines
MSN 26543, L/N 2339, Delivered 8/7/92

CSA has flown quite a wide variety of aircraft over the years. Originally using Russian aircraft, the airline has now moved towards Western designs. The 737-500 is a perfect match for their in-country flights and short European connections. Their livery hasn't changed much over the years, with the only notable difference being the name Czech Airlines instead of the original Czechoslovak Airlines.

737-5Q8, ES-ABC
Estonian Air
MSN 26324, L/N 2735, Delivered 6/28/95

Estonia has a long history with aviation dating all the way back to the World War One era. Their colors haven't changed much since then and Estonian Air's small fleet of 737-500s reflects these colors. This striking scheme consists of two shades of blue over a white fuselage, with the logo repeated on the tail. The engine nacelles feature an interesting star motif as well.

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