Fokker D.VII in Profile

By Bob Pearson

The Fokker D.VII was arguably the best aircraft of the First World War ... it has been said it made a mediocre pilot good, and a good pilot great. While this may be an exaggeration, the D.VII was the only German aircraft specifically mentioned in the terms of the armistice ending WW1, with all examples to be turned over to the Allies.

The D.VII was built by three different factories - Fokker itself, Albatros and the Albatros subsiduary of OAW. Each had its own style of cowl and engine cooling louvres. These louvres were installed after a series of inflight fires in which aircraft spontaneously caught fire with disatrous results. This was thought to be due to the temperature of the engine compartment setting off the phosphorous ammunition. Once these tribulations were worked out, the D.VII went on to equip most German Jastas. Some colourful examples of which are shown here.


Fokker D.VII 234/18
Ltn Friedrich Friedrichs
Jasta 10
Source: Albatros Fabric Special -
von Richthofen's Flying Circus

Fokker D.VII 4250-1399/18
Ltn Oliver von Beaulieu-Marconnay
Jasta 15
Source: Dan-San Abbott

Fokker D.VII 402/18
Vzfw Max Holtzem
Jasta 16b
Source: Jasta Pilots

Fokker D.VII 365/18
Ltn Josef Jacobs
JAFU, Jasta 7
Source: Poor photo - conjectural

Fokker D.VII (Alb)
Ltn Carl Degelow
JAFU, Jasta 40

Fokker D.VII (Alb)
Uffz Rausch
JAFU, Jasta 40

Fokker D.VII(OAW) 4523/18
Ltn Rudolf Stark
JAFU, Jasta 35b
Source: Dan-San Abbott

Fokker D.VII(OAW)6428/18
Ltn Hans Joachim von Hippel
Jasta 71
Source: Dan-San Abbott

Fokker D.VII 227-526/18
Ltn Ernst Udet
JAFU, Jasta 4
Source: Dan-San Abbott

Fokker D.VII(Alb) 611/18
Ltn Fritz Anders
Jasta 73
Source: Dan-San Abbott

Fokker D.VII 451-499/18
Off.Stv Willi Hippert
Jasta 74
Source: OTF 6/4

Fokker D.VII(OAW)
Jasta 18
Source: Fliegertruppe Nr.2


Fokker D.VII (OAW)
Conjectural profile of an unknown Marine Feld Jasta D.VII.
Source: D.VII Datafile


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