The Polikarpov I-153

By Bob Pearson

An I-153 operated by an unidentified unit in the Minsk area in mid-1941. Uppersurfaces are green mottle over aluminum, while the undersurfaces are in blue.


A yellow-tailed I-153 of the 8th Fighter Regiment, Black Sea Fleet on the Sevastopol front

Polikarpov I-153 IT-15
Lentolaivue 6
3rd Flight
Finnish Air Force
October 1942

21 I-153s were operated by Finland, these were either captured from the Soviets or bought from Germany. White 5 is seen here as it appeared on 30 October 1942 with olive drab and black/green uppersurfaces over RLM65 bottom.

Polikarpov I-153
Chinese Air Force

Another user of the I-153 was China. Any other information on these aircraft would be welcome.

Thanks to Robert Karr, Chris Banyai-Riepl, Will Riepl and Erik Pilawskii for their help in these profles.

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