HMS Bryony: Tribute to a Flower

by Ron Horabin
Self published 1996


Back in 1990 Ron Horabin decided to build a model of a Flower Class Corvette. He eventually settled on HMS Bryony and set out to find out more about the ship and the men who served on her. This book is the result of that search.

HMS Bryony was badly damaged in an air raid shortly after completion and it was decided to rebuild her with a few modifications – lengthened focsle and minesweeping gear were two of the changes. Although many Flowers eventually got the lengthened foclse, Bryony's was much longer than normal and she could be discerned by such.

Mr Horabin goes on to describe the wartime career of Bryony and the men who served in her, as well as brief look at his model and Bryony's postwar service as the Norwegian Weather ship Polarfront II. I was most intrigued to find that she served until 1980 as Polarfront II, and I plan an illustration of her in this guise sooner or later (as well as two of Bryony in wartime).

The book is available directly from Ron Horabin.