Flower Class Corvette
Table of Contents

Flower Class Corvettes: An Introduction
PROFILE: Flower Class Corvettes in RN/RCN Service 1941-43
PROFILE: Flower Class Corvettes in RCN Service 1944/45
PROFILE: Flower Class Corvettes in USN Service
HMS Dianthus - a Short History by Michael J Watts
HMS Poppy: Chris Drage and John Beardmore
PROFILE: HMCS Sackville: The Last Flower 1941-2000 m
German Flowers by Stephan Bock
RCN Gunshield Illustrations

Corvette Colours: Decks and Hull Bottom

Lt/Cdr O G Stuart DSC RCNVR: HMS Pennywort & Abelia
Ron 'Scotty' Wilson's Diary: At sea with HMCS Sherbrooke by Courtesy of Brian Wilson
Signalman Denis Davies' recollections of HMS Gentian by Courtesy of Peter Davies

L'Arsenal 1/400 Flower Class Inbox review
White Ensign Models 1/700 Flower Class Inbox review
Revell 1/72 HMCS Snowberry / USS Saucy Inbox Review
Modelcraft / Easybuilt 1/144 HMCS Edmundston by Barry Marles
Dean's Marine 1/96 "Flower Class Corvette" by Ron Hillsden
Skytrex 1/350 Flower Class Corvette, HMS Crocus by Chris Drage

ISW 1/350: HMCS Buctouche by Ryan Cameron
ISW 1/350: HMCS Fergus by Ryan Cameron
ISW 1/350: HMCS Shawinigan by Ryan Cameron
L'Arsenal 1/400: HMCS Snowberry
White Ensign Models 1/700: HMS Buttercup

Scratchbuilt 1/192 HMS Campanula by David Dinan

Matchbox/Revell 1/72 Flower: RC Lessons learned by Bill Michaels
Revell 1/72 Flower: HMCS Wetaskiwin & HMCS Cobourg
..... Part 1: RCN Conversion
..... Part 2: 27' Whaler
..... Part 3: Short Focsle Conversion
..... Part 4: Basic Accurizing
..... Part 5: 4" Mk.IX and Mk.XIX Guns
..... Part 6: RCN Minesweeping Winch
..... Part 7: Funnel and Vents
Revell 1/72 Flower: HMCS Agassiz by George Peat
Revell 1/72 Flower: SS Sudbury by George Peat
Matchbox 1/72 Flower: HMCS Sackville by John Beaulieu NEW

DJParkins Great Little Ships & Sirmar Detail sets compared by Dr. Kerry Jang
Hawk Graphics 1/72 RCN Flags
BECC Model Accessories 1/72 Cloth Flags
Snyder & Short WWII Naval Paint Chips
WEM Colourcoat paints

Anatomy of the Ship: HMCS Agassiz: McKay, John & Harland, John
Warship Perspectives: Flower Class Corvettes in WWII:
Lambert, John
Ensign 3: Flower Class Corvettes: Preston, Antony & Raven, Alan
Corvettes of the RCN:
MacPherson: Ken & Milner, Marc
Canada's Flowers:
Lynch, Thomas
Gunshield Graffiti:
Lynch, Thomas; Lamb, James & Jensen, LB
North Atlantic Run:
Milner, Marc
Corvettes Canada:
Johnston, Mac
HMCS Sackville:
Milner, Marc
A Bloody War:
Lawrence, Hal
The Corvette Navy:
Lamb, James
Battle of the Atlantic: an Oral History:
Bailey, Chris Howard
The Cruel Sea: Monsarrat, Nicholas
HMS Bryony - Tribute to a Flower: Horabin, Ron
High Seas - High Risk: Norris, Pat
Convoy: The Battle for Convoys SC.122 and HX.229 : Middlebrook, Martin
Three Corvettes: Monsarrat, Nicholas
Allied Escort Ships in WW2: Elliott, Peter
To Sea in Haste: Carr, Roland
Corvette and Submarine: Shean, Max
The Corvette Years: The Lower Deck Story: O'Connor, Edward

Tom Cunningham: Free French Corvette Renoncule
Hugh Cunningham: HMS Salamander
HMCS Regina in colour via Dana Nield
HMCS Rosthern via William Gard
HMCS Sackville: 2006 Battle of Atlantic Ceremony via William Gard
Post WWII Flowers in Foreign Naval Service
Post WWII Flowers in Commercial Service
Post WWII Flowers in Italian Merchant Service

Stephen Vallis' 1/72 HMCS Snowberry
Shirley Fielden's 1/72 HMS Wallflower
Richard Prescott's 1/72 HMS Bluebell
Thomas Karagiannis' 1/72 HMS Bluebell
Ian MacCorquodale's 1/72 HMCS Sackville
Ray Gawthorne's
1/48 Corvettes
Tom Goulding's 1/72 HMCSs Sackville and Snowberry

Martin Davis' 1/72 Lightship Fastelight
James Norris' 1/72 HMCS Snowberry
Ron Horabin's 1/24 HMS Bryony

Ken Watson's 1/72 USS Saucy

Mick Culley's 1/72 HMS Aubretia
Mick Culley's 1/72 Fleet - CNAS Sackville, HMS Compass Rose & HMS Aubretia

Bruce Richardson's 1/72 HMCS Snowberry
Brad Seaman's 1/72 HMCS Wetaskiwin
John Lumley's 1/72 HMCS Snowberry
John C. Stoeltie's 1/48 HMCS Sackville
Steve McKenzie's 1/72 HMCS Rosthern
Werner de Keersmaecker's 1/72 HMS Bluebell
Graham Townsend's 1/72 HMS Campanula
John Beaulieu's 1/72 HMCS Regina