Tom Goulding built his Revell Flower as HMCS Sackville. and he says ...

Here is a photo of my HMCS Sackville with your ALPS decals and kit decals. Modifications of the kit were made after visiting the ship in Halifax , Ian MacCorquodale 's web site , and with patience. I used 4 white WEM cans and 1 green and 1 Blue can, over a grey base (2 tins) and the red bottom ( someone asked once). The 27' whaler was put together from the 2 boats in the kit, but the details dont match the article. The extra floats are pipe cleaner on paper with white glue and string. They have no interior detail.

At the time I made the kit the ship had a red underwater hull which is now black again.

After I did this kit I foolishly made a HMCS Snowberry out of the box as a comparison. She is the second ship. And I am considering a short fo'castle ship yet. The HMCS Snowberry is out of the box except evergreen white rod instead of the box brown rod ( it was easier to paint) The Snowberry was done using WEM paint 4 WA white 1 WA Green and 1 WA Blue and Humbrol black for the hull, over a grey primer.