Steve McKenzie did his model as HMCS Rosthern and has this to say "I have attached photos of the short forecastle corvette K169 HMCS Rosthern. If you wish to post them. She runs great, I am using a surplus motor that originally cost 98 cents (Canadian). The photos were taken by Peter Ziobrowski and its his Corvette HMCS Buctouche (a work in progress) in the pictures showing the two together on the pond in Ottawa.

A quick prop change, one advantage of the club is there is always a number of guys willing to experiment with prop swaps etc. Here we are removing a 35 mm prop to try a 40 mm I think it runs better with the smaller prop. The motor as I mentioned is nice running one found in a surplus shop probably about a 300 size. She runs nice on the water.

Thought you might find these interesting they show my Corvette K169 HMCS Rosthern and Peter Ziobrowski's HMCS Buctouch on the hunt for Ted Scrivens exceptional U889 a Type IXC/40 which surrenderred to the Canadian Navy May 13, 1945. She was then commissioned into the Royal Canadian Navy and operated until turned over to the Americans.. the photos were taken the Rideau Nautical Modellers recent outing in Ottawa. We actually were lucky enough to have had three corvettes and two U boats present. No sinkings we're glad to report.