Bruce Richardson has this to say about his Snowberry. "They are of my 1/72 scale Corvette model of the Snowberry. It has been repainted after everything was already done because I had painted it the wrong colours. The original paintjob was better but was very wrong colours indeed. There are approximately 34 crew on board. They are made from Revell, Airfix, Esci, Tamiya, Italeri, Hasagawa, and any other figure that I could catch and modify. This was the first model of a Corvette that I have done. I already have another one set to start which I intend on doing a better job on. Since doing this one I have done a lot more research and have been collecting extra's for finishing it. When I get that one complete I will send you pictures of that one also. I hope you enjoy these pictures, I enjoyed building the model very much. If you would like you can post these on your website or post them to the Corvette Group."