With the end of the Second World War, the victorious powers quickly began to downsize their forces .. among the first to be discarded were the various escort ships. These had seen hard use during the war and were superceded by the later, purpose built frigates and destroyers. Some of these ships were to gain a second lease on life in the navies of Chile, the Dominican Republic. Greece, Ireland and Venezeula. Presented here are some photos that have been submitted of various Flowers in postwar naval service.


Formerly HMCS Strathroy

Dominican Republic
Cristobal Colon

Formerly HMCS Lachute

Dominican Republic
Juan Bautista Maggiolo

Foremerly HMCS Riviere du Loup

RHN Tombazis

Formerly HMS Tamarisk


Le Mancha

The former HMS Borage, Le Mancha was handed over to the Irish Naval service on 15 November 1946. She is seen here in the late 1950s/early 1960s. She was sold on 22 November 1970 for scrap

The following Venezeulan Flowers are from the Roberto Perez Lecuna Collection courtesy of Jorge Alvarez.

"I know that this one is not a very good photo, but for us here in Venezuela, it is an historical one. In December 1952 two Colombian Navy frigates (Almirante PADILLA and Almirante BRION) tried to take control (by force) of our most norhtern islands (Islotes LOS MONJES) (aprox. Lat 12 N--Long 71 W). So we sent some B-25 and Canberra bombers, only to make some low passes over the Colombian ships, and the first of our ships that arrived there were, as you can see, two FLOWER Class corvettes... Nothing happened, and the two intruders just sailed away... Now this small islands have a NAVY/MARINE garrison, heliport, meteorological station, structures, etc...

Constitucion, Victoria & Patria


The former HMCS Amherst



Former HMCS Oakville


Formerly HMS Wetaskiwin


SAS Protea

Served the South African Navy as a survey ship