HMCS Snowberry

by Stephen Vallis

My model is straight from the box, built as HMCS Snowberry. I added an electric motor from an old HO scale model RR locomotive powered by 12.5VDC Nicad batteries. A Futaba 2 channel radio control is used to steer the rudder and control the speed by way of a varible pot salvaged from a model train power pack.

I filled all the extra void spaces with Mono expanding foam. I had to use a fair amount of ballast to bring the hull down to the waterline, I used some scraps of 1/8" bar steel for this.

I painted the hull colors with plastic compatible spray paint from the hardware store, the off white is "RV White", the green and blue patches are colors I picked that looked close to my eye.

I have sailed my Snowberry on the Ottawa River and also in Kidi Vidi Lake in St John's NF, she has been a solid performer and looks great in a gentle swell.