Hawk Graphics 1/72 WWII RCN Signal Flags

By Bob Pearson

Builders of the original Matchbox Flower may recall the flags that came with that kit were of a form that had a sticky backing and just required cutting and then wrapping around the desired halyard. The re-issue by Revell has plain paper flags instead. However both suffered by being based on modern flags and not the correct WWII flags in use at the time. Hawk Graphics has come to the rescue with a new series of flags in both 1/72 and 1/96 scale for use on both WWII and modern ships.

There are two 1/72 sets specifically for the Flower class kit, they are WWII CDN Flower Signal and WWII UK Flower Signal. Illustrated is the Canadian set.

The flags are done as per the original Matchbox release with a peel and stick backing. The instruction sheet says they are waterproof, so I had to check this for myself and ran them under the tap and then rubbed them between my fingers to simulate prolonged use. Yes they are waterproof and they should stand up to usual wear and tear of RC use.

Other sets include: WWII US; WWII German/Japanese; WWII USSR/France; WWII Netherlands/Finland/Norway/Poland; Modern US; Signal CA & CVE; Signal DD & FF; Signal BB/CV; WWII UK Signal; Modern Canadian Signal; WWII Canadian and Signal to 1965; Australian & Signal.

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My thanks to Darren Scannell of Hawk Graphics for the review sample