White Ensign Models
Colourcoat Enamels

by Bob Pearson

At last they are here .. the WEM Colourcoat paints. Aircraft and armour modelers have long had specialist paints for their respective interests, while the ship modeler has had to make do with complicated formulas derived from their favourite brands. WEM, in conjunction with Snyder & Short have developed a line of enamel paints matched to the S&S range of colour chips for the world's navies. The first batch are for ships of the Royal and United States Navies, with the Japanese, German and Italian to follow.

All the paints are in the familar Humbrol style tinlet and are designed for use by both handbrushing and airbrushing. Recommended thinning is with white spirits, paint thinner, or lacquer thinner, depending on personal preference. To guarantee an absolutely matte finish, these paints must be stirred thoroughly. .

The brushed paint covered nicely, although it streaked a little over some gloss patches – my own fault there. I used Model Master airbrush thinner and at first it spluttered, but then I added more thinner and it sprayed very well. I sprayed it directly on the various surfaces with no primer, and again, I should have primed it first, but I wanted to see the white .. so it has a few thin coats and just looks so cool.

Available colours presently include:

Royal Navy:AP 507A, AP 507B, AP 507C, MS1, MS2, MS3, B5, Western Approaches Blue, Western Approaches Green, white, B6.

United States Navy: Prewar #5 Standard Navy Gray, Prewar #20 Standard Deck Gray, Early 1941 5-L Light Gray, Early 1941 5-D Dark Gray, Late 1941 5-H Haze Gray, Late 1941 5-O Ocean Gray, 5-S Sea Blue, 5-N Navy Blu, 5-B Thayer Blue, 1942 Revised Deck Blue 20-B, Flight Deck Stain 21, 5-P Pale Gray, 1943 5-L Light Gray

My thanks to WEM for the review samples.

NOTE: For those building the Matchbox/Revell Flower, Tom Goulding reports that he used four RN White, One WA Green and one WA Blue on his model