There are many books out on the Flower class. Listed here in no particular order are some of them as well as their relative merits. This is a work in progress and I would ask that anyone with thoughts on these, or other, books to send them along and I shall add them to the relevant section.

- Bob Pearson

Anatomy of the Ship: HMCS Agassiz: McKay, John & Harland, John
Warship Perspectives: Flower Class Corvettes in WWII:
Lambert, John
Ensign 3: Flower Class Corvettes: Preston, Antony & Raven, Alan
Corvettes of the RCN:
MacPherson: Ken & Milner, Marc
Canada's Flowers:
Lynch, Thoma
Gunshield Graffiti:
Lynch, Thomas; Lamb, James & Jensen, LB
North Atlantic Run:
Milner, Marc
Corvettes Canada:
Johnston, Mac
HMCS Sackville:
Milner, Marc
A Bloody War:
Lawrence, Hal
The Corvette Navy:
Lamb, James
Battle of the Atlantic: an Oral History:
Bailey, Chris Howard
The Cruel Sea: Monsarrat, Nicholas
HMS Bryony: Story of a Corvette: Horabin, Ron
High Seas, High Risk: Norris, Pat NEW
Three Corvettes: Monsarrat, Nicholas
Allied Escort Ships in WW2: Elliott, Peter
Convoy: The Critical Convoy Battles of March 1943: Middlebrook, Martin
To Sea in Haste: Carr, Roland