The following articles are by Chris Drage and John Beardmore. John is the former navigating officer of HMS Poppy and he was involved in the various events related

HMS Poppy: Service Record via Chris Drage
HMS Poppy and PQ17 Recent Newspaper article via Chris Drage
HMS Poppy and PQ17 by John Beardmore (Ex HMS Poppy)
HMS Poppy post-PQ17 by John Beardmore

HMS Poppy
July 1942
Source: John Beardmore Photos

HMS Poppy is in an Admiralty Disruptive pattern of AP507A and AP507C.. Other items of note are the lack of a splinter shield to the 2pdr. She also has four additional Oerikons fitted to the engine room casing in an asymetrical arrangement – the two aft ones were side-by-side at the end of the casing while the forward port side Oerlikon replaced the dinghy alongside the funnel, while the starboard Oerlikon was beside the 2pdr bandstand. By this date her acoustic hammer and other minesweeping gear had been removed.

HMS Poppy went to sea to the tune of POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN, and it was only natural that he would also adorn her gunshield. Chris Drage sent me a very poor photo, which I was able to play with to arrive at the image on the left. After checking various websites to see how his face and clothes should look, we came up with the image on the right