Almost as soon as hostilities ended the corvette fleets of Britain and Canada began to disband, with most going to the scrapyard. However, some survived into the 1960s, 70s and in one case to the present day. Of these, 52 ex-RCN corvettes went to mercantile use and became whalers, freighters and even luxury yachts. Sudbury became a salvage tug on Canada's West coast, Shediac a Dutch whaler, Norysd and Beauharnois to the Mediterannean where they were used to smuggle Jews into Palestine. Bryony became the Norwegian weathership Polarfront II. Origins of some of those shown below are still lacking.

HMS Bryony

HMS Bryony was in Norwegian service as the weathership POLARFRONT II until 1980.

Pilot boat BENGO

HMCS Lethbridge

Norwegian Whalecatcher No.22

HMS Tulip

HMS Wallflower

HMCS Sudbury

Became a deepsea tug in the Pacific. There is a great book on her. An interesting sidebar is my dad worked for the company and was scheduled for one of the trips to Australia, but was bumped by someone with more seniority ... . so close to a Flower and I never knew it until recently.

There is a model of her which I hope to add to the site soon, once we get the builder's story