The first 25 years of flight saw many advances in the design and construction of aircraft. Beginning with the frail pre-war contraptions of crackpot inventors, the science of aeronautics had progressed to unheard of heights. As is usual with mankind, war provided the impetus to this progression. We show many of these advancements in the following pages.

Albatros D.III and D.V/Va

Armstrong Whitworth FK8

WG Barker and Camel B6313

Bristol Scout C

Bristol F2b

deHavilland Aircraft of WW1

Fokker E.III

Fokker D.VII

LFG Roland D.VIa

Morane Saulnier Type AI

Ni.17, Ni.24. NI.24bis, Ni.27

Pfalz D.VIII

Pfalz Aircraft

Phönix D.III

Royal Aircraft Factory

Siemens-Schuckert D.III

Sopwith Aviation Co

Soviet Snipes




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