If anyone has any corvette related topics they would like to share, please send them along. The Overview is just some rambling on the Flowers that should probably be expanded a fair amount some day, While the Profile features are some of the illustrations I have done of the Flower Class corvette. I intend this to be an ongoing effort and hope to keep adding to my collection. therefore I ask that anyone with information on these, or other ships to please contact me . I would especially love to hear from those who may have served on them.

- Bob Pearson


Flower Class Corvettes: An Introduction
PROFILE: Flower Class Corvettes in RN/RCN Service 1941-43
PROFILE: Flower Class Corvettes in RCN Service 1944/45
PROFILE: Flower Class Corvettes in USN Service NEW
HMS Dianthus by Michael J Watts
..... HMS Poppy: Service Record via Chris Drage
..... HMS Poppy and PQ17 Recent Newspaper article via Chris Drage
..... HMS Poppy and PQ17 by John Beardmore (Ex HMS Poppy)
..... HMS Poppy post-PQ17 by John Beardmore
PROFILE: HMCS Sackville: The Last Flower 1941-2000
PROFILE: German Flowers w/Stephan Bock
RCN Gunshields


Lt/Cdr O G Stuart DSC RCNVR
Ron 'Scotty' Wilson's Diary: At sea with HMCS Sherbrooke by Courtesy of Brian Wilson